How to negotiate interest rates on loans and financing

When we are faced with the possibility of getting a loan or financing, the first thing that comes to our thinking is what will be the interest rate to be paid. Few think of Total Effective Cost (CET) or plan financially for more payment options.
As we know that the Brazilian people suffer from high interest rates, we found in our research ways to negotiate rates in order to mitigate their financial impact on their finances.

Before working with objective data, which already exist, we will let you know what is already being done by our rulers. There are bills that guarantee the good payer lower interest rates. This is already a practice not disclosed by most financial institutions. And this is not disclosed because after all, paying more interest will have greater profits.

Before interest rates eat your entire salary, the best option is to seek a fee negotiation with your bank. It can be difficult, but it is the best option to unburden your finances.

In the USA there is a tool called Credit Score. Debits take points from this score as well as increased features increase such score. There, the higher your Credit Score is, the more financial services you will have access to, in addition to the better rates for loans and financing.

While some law does not come true in our conservative financial system, we have to become aware and know a lot to get more just ways to get our assets and resources to realize our dreams.

Public servants have the lowest interest rates in the financial market

Public servants have the lowest interest rates in the financial market

The guarantee of receipt by the government is the greatest security for the institutions. Apart from this, a good part of the public servants, contractually speaking, when entering lists like SPC or SERASA run the risk of losing their jobs.

Recently, Caixa Econômica Federal and Banco do Brasil aggressively reduced interest rates. The market is still small, but the tendency is for competition, ie private banks to do so in the future.

But to have the right to lower fees, whether in private or public banks, some prerequisites must be fulfilled. First, your salary must be deposited directly into the bank where you are seeking the lowest rates. Some of them, even, request the signing of a “declaration of relationship”, where the receipt of their proceeds is confirmed to the bank.

When your company has a legal account with the bank in question, interest rates can also be reduced. Again, the more guarantees you are given that you will be able to repay your debts, the more the financial institution will be able to negotiate fees.

Take a look: Banks are looking to better serve old customers, not new ones. Because of this, it is important that you compare fees, services and history of each of the institutions before deciding which one of them will be receiving their direct benefits from a salary account. The power of this bank transfer is all yours, since banks are required to transfer the full proceeds to the bank of your choice if the individual does not choose to have a salary account in the same bank as your company.

Overdraft is a form of borrowing with high-interest rates

Loan interest,money

It can be an endless maze. Be careful when using it: most of the time, a loan comes out much cheaper. (Photo:

For debts already acquired, there is also the possibility of negotiation. What the consumer should know is that this negotiation will not be won in any way. If you are negotiating credit card debt, loans where the amount is piling up or overdraft, stop paying the minimum. The amount accumulates in absurd ways and many cases when they arrive at the courts give cause win for the consumer due to the abusive fees charged.

When it is possible to get low interest borrowed money, make a cash settlement proposal. Study your card statement and see how much was actually invested in purchases and how much was charged interest. Take the proposal to your manager, plus fair interest.
Never accept the first proposals from banks. Go to more than one and go back to the first, renegotiating the conditions before choosing the owner of your account. Make sure you have everything recorded contractually.

Our financial system is very solid and has many opportunities. But it is up to you to better utilize your tools, with unparalleled benefits for greater financial stability and quality of life.

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