How to Apply Online Mini Payday Loans

A Spanish company dedicated to granting short-term mini-payday loans to people looking to carry out personal projects. If you want to start a business, take a trip, buy something you want, or solve daily money needs, a short-term credit may be the best option to do what you want. We offers you a very good alternative so that you can apply for a loan that can reach up to 600 Euros. The loan repayment process will be carried out in the time you want and with very low interest, all this under a simple and reliable process in which from the beginning you will know the amounts and dates to pay, without small letters and without needing forced paperwork that only delays and makes things more difficult. Further editorial at

An excellent option for those who are between 21 and 75 years old and have Spanish residence or nationality.With us, the payment deadlines are flexible and you can be confident that the process is totally secure and transparent. There are no traps or small letters, and all commissions and interests are clear and precise from the beginning.


What makes different?

A very important differentiator that gives us an advantage is our First Loan Promotion , in which we make a loan from 50 Euros to 300 Euros that you can repay within a period of up to 65 days. This is a very convenient and flexible term if we talk about short-term payday loans, which usually ask to be returned in 30, 15 or even 7 days. This feature makes the best option to request a micro-credit, since it also has low interest rates and the ability to further extend this 65-day term.

Another of the differentiators is the ease that comes with the process of applying for a loan. All you have to do is register on the website by filling out the corresponding form with your personal and updated information. Once you have made this step, the next thing is to identify yourself to the company to verify that your data is real. This is done very quickly and easily through the Instantor tool, an application that specializes in the security and confidentiality of personal data, so you can rest easy about the protection and collection of your personal data.



A very important difference, is that it is not governed by interest rates, but by commissions that can be easily consulted on your website thanks to its interactive tool. This presents a great facility to determine for yourself the final amount to pay, without having to make complicated calculations that only end up hindering the process of applying for a loan.

The main advantage of choosing us as the preferred institution to finance our projects is the advantage of extended terms and low interest rates. You can request from 50 Euros to 600 Euros if it is not the first time you request a loan. Many financial institutions do not offer loans to senior citizens, but with us this is not the case, since we are one of the companies that have one of the highest age ranges in which you can request a short-term loan, granting loans to short term to people between 21 to 75 years.

On the other hand, we offers you the advantage that if your bank account belongs to one of the banks with which works (Unicaja and Banco Santander) your money will be reflected in your account immediately once your application has been approved. and transferred. If your bank belongs to another entity, do not worry, since within 24 to 48 hours it will be transferred, so you can use it for what you most want.

Returning the loan also represents an advantage, since there are different methods and you can choose the one that best suits your needs. The returns can be made by deposit or bank transfer to one of the official accounts, do not forget to never attach your ID number and your data in the transfer concept, in order to track your payment.


The main features 

  • An institution that provides short-term mini-payday loans that can reach up to 600 Euros and start at 50 Euros.
  • Governed by previously established fixed commissions that you can consult on your website at any time you wish.
  • The interest rates are very low and allow you to pay the credit little by little until you return the loan total.
  • Credit repayment terms are very broad, since they can extend up to 65 days, offering a competitive advantage to other companies that have very reduced payment periods.
  • Personal data are safe thanks to its highest security sending, collecting and data management interface. None of your personal data will be used for other purposes for which consent is not available.
  • Offers automatic billing that will reach your mail immediately, and also gives the ability to request additional copies or invoices.
  • It is possible to request an extension or extension of the term to return the payment of 15 or 30 days as long as it is covered with the corresponding commission and the new interest.
  • The official website contains interactive simulators that give you instant quotes on the type of credit we want to take.
  • Your request can be ready in 15 minutes if you meet all the requirements.


 Loan Requirements


The requirements that requests to apply for a short-term loan are really minimal and almost anyone fulfills all the characteristics. We must simply have Spanish residence or nationality, have a valid ID or NIE, have a functional mobile phone line and our name in which we can be located. Likewise, it is necessary to have a bank account in our name, preferably from the banks affiliated with and not be in any delinquent or debtors register.

As you can see, the requirements to apply for a loan are very basic, and any questions or attention you need about this process can be solved in its different methods of customer service, either by phone or by chat.


interest rates

interest rates


We are not managed by interest rates, but by commissions that vary depending on the term in which the loan will be paid and the amount of money requested. While this may sound confusing, the truth is that we offers you an interactive tool on its website with which we can easily check the final amount that will be paid and the established pazo. In this way we can find the loan that best suits our capabilities and needs, making sure we can meet the payment in full time and form, and avoid late charges.

we leave you several representative examples:

loan amount: EUR 300.00
Interests: 105.00 EUR
Amount to be returned: EUR 405.00
APR (APR): 439.35%
Loan amount: EUR 200.00
Interests: EUR 70.00
Amount to be returned: 270.00 EUR
APR (APR): 439.35%
Loan amount: EUR 100.00
Interests: 35.00 EUR
Amount to be returned: 135.00 EUR
APR (APR): 439.35%

Can I ask for a loan?

Can I ask for a loan?

When we speak of the ASNEF, we refer to the National Association of Financial Credit Establishments. This company is in charge of grouping the business entities that offer loans to their clients, in order to jointly create a database on the financial situation of all their customers and their payment habits. In this way, companies have a tool to base themselves and correctly identify people who are not candidates to receive a financial loan.

If your name appears on one of the delinquent lists of the ASNEF, unfortunately you will not be able to access one of the loans, since this company, like the majority dedicated to grant microcredits, uses those databases for reference when evaluating your candidates for loans . If so, it is best to look for another alternative to a financial institution or another method to finance your project. If you are not in any of these lists, the safest thing is that you do not have any problem to receive a financial credit.


Application and customer service

Application and customer service

We can apply for a short-term credit from the official website of Creditorpaid, we just need to fill out the corresponding form and choose one of the ways of identification, either by sending our personal documents or by logging into our electronic banking. Immediately the evaluation process will begin and in a few minutes you will get an answer. If your credit is approved you can count on your money immediately if your bank is Banco Santander or Unicaja, otherwise your money will be available in less than 48 hours.

In the official website you can find a simulator that will allow you to give an idea of the total payments and due dates, so it is highly recommended to use this tool before applying for a short-term loan, in order to have the greatest certainty of the financial commitment to which we are entering.

In terms of customer service , professionals can be contacted via email, telephone, or even from the real-time chat available on the website.


Types of loans 

Types of loans 


The loans offered are short term, this means that the time to make the total payment of the return of your loan is short. However, we offers the facility to offer you terms of up to 65 days to complete the payment. You can even request an extension of 15 or 30 days in case of having an unforeseen event that prevents you from making the payment.

We also offers credits ranging from 50 to 600 Euros, with the exception of clients who acquire a loan for the first time. In these cases, the credit limit is 300 Euros.


How to apply for credits

Request a loan that consists of only two simple steps. The first is to register on their website and fill out the form with personal information. This will take a few minutes and you will only be asked for a few details that are necessary for your request. Subsequently, you will be granted the opportunity to request a loan of up to 300 euros in your first time, with a term of 30 calendar days to return the loan. If you meet the appropriate conditions, you will be granted a first loan promotion in which you can access a period of up to 65 days to make the full refund, so it is an excellent option if you are looking for extended terms.

Once you have chosen the loan amount, you can proceed to the next step, which is to identify yourself. we uses Instator , a verification tool that has all the features to be the most agile and secure in the market. Another option to identify us is to select the bank that we use and through the electronic banking we will identify ourselves. This presents a very great advantage since by this method we do not need any additional documentation or paperwork.

When your loan is approved you will know by means of a confirmation email, as well as a text message via SMS: Your money will be delivered to your bank account as soon as possible. Remember that this transaction will be immediate if you have Unicaja or Banco Santander.


Extensions and postponements

we are a company that understands that many times problems arise in which it is not possible for us, for some reason or other to make the payment within the established period. If so, you do not have to worry, since it is possible to request an extension of 15 days, or even 30 if you need it. This is possible as long as the additional commission established is met, which will depend on the size of the credit and the time established for the extension. You must take into account that these commissions can range from 13 Euros to 240, so it is best to make a full refund of your payment in time and form.

If the payment is not met within the established deadlines. We offers the service of sending payment reminders with a cost of 7.5 each.

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